Welcome to Catamaran ‘Friendship’

This is the site of our boat ‘Friendship’ . She is a 2003 Broadblue Prestige 38 Catamaran. We purchased her in July 2014 .

My name is Garry Walden and I am 52 yrs old, my wife is June who is (??).

In June 2014 i was extremely fortunate to be able to take voluntary early retirement from my job which resulted in me getting quite a good sum of money as I could take my pension immediately. Another piece of good fortune earlier that year, was that I obtained planning permission on our garden at our house in the Vale of Evesham Worcestershire. This I subsequently sold which gave an additional welcome windfall. This combined has allowed us to follow our dreams which I have had for the last 15 years or more and purchase ‘Friendship’. We are fortunate in that we do not have to sell our home to fund our travels as some do. This we will be allowing our daughter and her husband to live in and to look after for us whilst we are away.

Friendship is currently on a paid mooring at Mylor Yacht harbour near Falmouth, Cornwall and we plan to keep her there until the expiry of her mooring contract in the spring of 2015. When we have good weather conditions/forecast we will be setting off to cross the Bay of Biscay and will make landfall at the Northern tip of Spain. (We may have to divert if weather dictates and go the long way around Biscay making short hops along the coast of France. Then for the summer of 2015 we aim to cruise down the coast of Portugal and either Winter somewhere there or go into the med and winter somewhere in southern Spain.

In the meantime, the rest of this year we will be getting to know Friendship and no doubt making the most of summer and autumn in Mylor. I plan on making quite a few equipment upgrades over the winter months and along with regular maintenance schedule getting her into shape. At Southampton boat show we will be going with a very long shopping list.



ebay 003



One comment on “Welcome to Catamaran ‘Friendship’

  1. What a exciting & fabulous adventure, we will keep in touch and I will let you know what’s happening here at the leisure centre!!


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